Looking for a roofing solution? Look no further than the DMD Group. DMD is a trusted roofing specialist based in Norwich, Norfolk, with expertise in roof refurbishment, roof repairs, and new roof installations across all aspects of flat roofing, sheet roofing, and pitched roofing.

We pride ourselves in providing high-quality services and competitive prices, so whether it is a small repair or full roof refurbishment, we guarantee a high-quality professional service.

Our roofing services include; flat roofing, pitched roofing, sheet roofing, roof repairs, new roofs, re-roofing, roof refurbishments and emergency roof repair call outs. 

Why choose DMD Installations?

Free, no-obligation quotations and roof condition surveys

We tailor our services to meet your requirements and specifications

Emergency roof repair call out available

Highly skilled roofers, with years of experience

Qualified to carry out any installation, repairs, or replacements

Preferred installers across several roofline and cladding brands

Langley and NFRC accredited

At DMD Installations, our accredited roofers are experts and qualified in the installation and repair of all flat roofing systems, including modified bitumen roofs (MBR) and rubber membrane roofs (EDPM). Flat roofs offer a range benefits, making them a smart and cost effective choice for both commercial and domestic properties. 

Flat roofs can be more affordable than other roofing solutions due to their quicker installation times, easy maintenance, superior energy efficiency, and a longer lifespan. These advantages makes flat roofing a smart solution for both commercial and domestic properties, in both the short and the long term.

Flat roof services

Benefits of installing a flat roof:

We can design and install a flat roofing system to suit any specification. The different types of flat roofs we install include:

Modified Bitumen Roof

Otherwise known as torch-on roofing, or torch-down roofing a modified bitumen roof involves three layers of modified bitumen felt to be melt-welded onto the roof surface with the use of a blowtorch. This creates a waterproof, impenetrable seal, ensuring robust protection against the elements.

Rubber Membrane Roof (EPDM)

An EPDM rubber roof is incredibly long-lasting and durable as when correctly installed, the roofing system can last over 50 years, making it a cost-effective option. The system is also resistant to heat and cold, easy to install, and algae and moss resistant making for an easy-to-maintain solution.

Rubber roofing is suitable for extreme conditions and gives one of the most durable and reliable roofs available.

Liquid Systems

Liquid roofing systems are an easy-to-install system ideal for waterproofing any flat roof. Curing quickly, a liquid system is effective immediately, ideal for fast repairs or roofing replacements.

Self-Adhesive Roofing Felt

Self-adhesive roofing felt doesn’t require a blow torch, so is deemed a safer and easier option to install. 

Here at DMD Installations, we use the Resitrix Self-Adhesive EPDM system, which is the perfect solution for commercial flat roofs and gutter lining. It is a heat-welded, reinforced membrane that offers all the advantages of EPDM, combined with the benefits of a cold-applied self-adhesive waterproofing membrane.



Pitched roofs are known for their durability, reliability, and longevity. Our experienced roofers are well-versed in re-roofing, installing a pitched roof, pitched roof repairs, and pitched roof refurbishments.

Key benefits of installing a pitched roof:

We can design, repair, and install any type of pitched roofing system to suit any specification. Including:

Slate Roof Tiles
Clay Roof Tiles
Concrete Roof Tiles

DMD have been carrying out pitched roof installations for many years, including new roofs and refurbishments. Our pitched roofers are highly trained across all pitched roofing systems and our experts can recommend the approprtiae roof tile for you, ensuring practicality and style are considered. 

Whether you opt for a composite or a single-skin steel sheet roof, there are benefits to selecting this material. It is lightweight, weather-proof, and resistant to fire and rot. Due to metal roof sheets being large, they can also be quick to install.

Metal sheet roof services

We can design, repair, and install any type of sheet roofing system to suit any specification.


To find out more about DMD Installations services or to receive a free, no-obligation estimate for any roofing service, please visit our Contact Us page or call 01603 487777.