Cladding is the ideal solution to enhance the appearance of a property, whilst adding an extra layer of protection to the building envelope. It’s a versatile, low maintenance option which creates a timeless exterior and future proofs any property.

Here at DMD Installations, we have years of experience working on small to large scale cladding projects and are proud to be preferred installers for leading cladding brands such as JamesHardie® and Cedral.

We supply and install a full range of robust cladding systems and all products are manufactured in accordance with BS7619:93 and have been independently tested and awarded a BBA certification. They also carry the internationally recognised BSI kitemark, assuring you of independently verified standards of excellence.


Why choose DMD Installations to install your cladding?

HardiePlank Preferred Installer and Cedral Select Professional Installer


1-year installation guarantee and 10-year product guarantee

20 years’ experience with dedicated teams to help at every stage of the project 

What are the benefits of having cladding installed?

The addition of cladding on a property has many benefits:

Protection from detrimental weather conditions, with the installation of cladding you remove the risk of your property or properties exterior(s) becoming vulnerable, as it is no longer being directly exposed to the elements.

Cladding can also be considered as a cost-effective option as external repairs to a property can be costly, so preventing potential future issues with weatherproof cladding can be deemed economically sensible. As well as this, cladding and the process of installing the material has insulative benefits, as the heat is more efficiently retained in the winter and the hot sun is better kept out in the summer.  

As well as being a practical, low maintenance addition to any property, cladding being installed is also aesthetically beneficial, as it transforms exteriors in an almost instant make over, which in turn has the potential to increase the value of a property.

Fibre cement or uPVC cladding?

Two of the most common options you are likely to encounter when looking into externally decorating includes:

Cedral Lap Fibre Cement Cladding

Kestrel uPVC Cladding

Hardie VL Plank

With each type, there are many options to choose from, as there are many different textures, colours, sizes, finishes and installation methods. Often, the choice of exterior cladding type comes down to the ease of installation, cost, design aesthetics, maintenance, durability, and the safety characteristics they uphold.

Here at DMD Installations, our purpose is to provide you guidance in picking the best material for your project or providing you with the exact specification you are looking for and our dedicated estimators and procurement teams are here to do just that.

Fibre cement and uPVC:

What does it mean for DMD Installations to be a preferred installer?

DMD Installations has been carefully selected to be a preferred installer for HardiePlank and Cedral. Meaning our teams of installers are fully trained and specialise in both HardiePlank and Cedral products.

Being a preferred installers for these two renowned cladding brands reflects our high level of professionalism and means you can be confident that your cladding project(s) are installed in accordance with JamesHardie® and Cedral recommendations and to their high standards.

We continually receive on-going training and technical support from both brands and are proud to be a HardiePlank preferred installer and a certified Cedral Select Professional Installer.

Installing cladding: cladding battens vs. NVELOPE® Rainscreen Subframe

No matter the cladding you choose, creating a cavity between the internal wall and the cladding upon installation is critical, as it’s important to consider the way materials expand and contract with weather changes.

When installing cladding using the traditional timber cladding method, a high-quality installation is assured as our team of installers secure the planks strictly using screws and not using nail guns, to ensure no faults arise with the cladding planks later down the line.

If you are considering future proofing your property for a longer life cycle, when specified, DMD Installations can install cladding using an innovative NVELOPE® Rainscreen Subframe system. Proven to be a safe method of fixing cladding elements; they are developed for supporting even the most demanding panel materials and perfect for future-proofing your property.

Custom project solutions can be provided to meet the specification and requirements of every project, with assurance they are in accordance with current fire and health and safety regulations.