Cladding 101: Fibre Cement Cladding

By Sophie Mace 8 Dec 2022 08:10

Fibre cement itself is a composite material manufactured using cement reinforced with cellulose fibres. The attributes of the product make it suitable to be used for exterior wall siding material. It is an asbestos-free cement-based construction product that is used predominantly in facade, cladding, and roofing products because of its durability and strength.

If you’re looking to give your home a fresh, new look whilst improving weather resistance and boosting thermal efficiency, fibre cement weatherboard cladding is a good option to go for.


Q. How long do fibre cement boards last

A. This high-quality material requires little to no input after installation for it to perform throughout the years and still look great. One of the biggest benefits of fibre cement board is that it is low maintenance and can last for up to 50 years

Q. Does fibre cement need to be painted?

A. The fibre cement cladding we install comes painted and have a colour-fast guarantee. But every raw edge exposed to the elements needs to be painted to ensure it is kept within the manufacturer's fitting guidelines

Q. Does fibre cement cladding increase your home value

A.Yes, installing fibre cement cladding could potentially increase a property's value as it adds kerbside appeal whilst benefiting energy costs

Q. Does fibre cement cladding crack or swell?

A. Providing it is installed correctly, allowing for the required ventilation of the product, fibre cement cladding doesn’t crack, swell, or warp like wood. The product offers up to three times more dimensional stability than wood.

Here at DMD Installations, we have years of experience working on small to large-scale cladding projects and are proud to be preferred installers for leading cladding brands such as JamesHardie® and Cedral.

We supply and install a full range of robust cladding systems and all products are manufactured in accordance with BS7619:93 and have been independently tested and awarded a BBA certification. They also carry the internationally recognised BSI kitemark, assuring you of independently verified standards of excellence.

If you would like to get in touch about our cladding services, please contact us at 01603 487777 or via our contact us page.

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